Angel of the light

hazy dawn, originally uploaded by Giyu (Velvia).

Flowers Bloom in May, then fade away
And winter brings the white, soon it’s our of sight
But I can stop the Time, and Capture God’s design
Looking through this lens make it mine

五月に咲いた花は やがて萎み
冬がもたらす白の世界も やがて消えてなくなるだろう

magic hour, originally uploaded by Giyu (Velvia).

Beautiful, my work is beautiful
Taking from the silver dreams that guide me
Pictures of the world the way it could be

僕を導く銀色の夢 そこから切り取った風景

Vast ocean of clouds, originally uploaded by Giyu (Velvia).

Bathes me in morning sun
She makes me smile at everyone I see
My universe is bright
I owe it all to her, my angel of the light
All to her, my angel of the light

目に映るすべての人に対して 優しい気持ちになれる
それはすべて彼女のおかげなんだ 僕の光の天使
彼女のおかげ 僕の光の天使よ

writer/Alan O'DAY, "Angle of the light"